Unit 2 Basic Geometry

2a. Points, Lines, and Planes
Tutorial 2a | Worksheet 2a

2b. Angle Measure
Tutorial 2b | Worksheet 2b

2c. Ruler Measurement
Tutorial 2c | Worksheet 2c

2d. The Coordinate Plane
Tutorial 2d | Worksheet 2d

2e. Part 1 AutoCAD: Introduction
Tutorial 2e Part 1
Screen Layout Demo Quiz

2e. Part 2 AutoCAD: Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
Tutorial 2e Part 2
Practice Drawing 2e#1
Practice Drawing 2e#2
Practice Drawing 2e#3

2f. AutoCAD: Coordinates Systems
Tutorial 2f | Worksheet 2f
Practice Drawing 2f#1
Practice Drawing 2f#2
Drawing 2f CAD#1
Drawing 2f CAD#2

2g. AutoCAD 2000: Grid, Snap, & Dimensions
Tutorial 2g
Practice Drawing 2g
Drawing 2g CAD#3

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