Unit 8 Circles

8a. Circles: Basic Terms
Tutorial 8a | Worksheet 8a

8b. Central Angles and Arc Measure
Tutorial 8b | Worksheet 8b

8c. Circumference and Area
Tutorial 8c | Worksheet 8c

8d. AutoCAD 2000: Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, More Snaps, & More Dimensions
Tutorial 8d
Practice Drawing 8d

8e Part 1. AutoCAD 2000: Fillet, Chamfer, & Trim
Tutorial 8e Part 1
Practice Drawing 8e #1

8e Part 2. AutoCAD 2000: Rotate, Stretch, Array, & Explode
Tutorial 8e Part 2
Practice Drawing 8e #2
Drawing 8e CAD#11

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