Unit 12 Triangles

12a. Postulates & Theorems
Tutorial Unavailable | Worksheet 12a

12b. Basic Terms: Angle Sum Theorem, Classifing Triangles
Tutorial 12b | Worksheet 12b

12c. Square Roots
Tutorial 12c | Worksheet 12c

12d. Pythagorean Theorem
Tutorial 12d | Worksheet 12d


12e. Distance Formula & Midpoint of a Segment
Tutorial 12e | Worksheet 12e

12f. Isosceles Triangles
Tutorial 12f | Worksheet 12f

12g. Similar Triangles
Tutorial 12g | Worksheet 12g

12h. AutoCAD 2000: Solids Editing - Subtraction & Color Faces
Tutorial 12h
Drawing 12h CAD#14

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